• A great big Thank you to the American Heart Association Power to end Stroke. What a great idea! The Healthy Cooking for the Holidays with Chef Tre Wilcox was just fabulous! The food was fabulous and we learned so much. The extra bonus was our lessons in etiquette and decorum. No more putting on lipstick at the dinner table ladies! Thanks to Tina Hayes of The School of Etiquette and Decorum.

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Professional Development

Make a difference by how your company is represented. Ensure that your business is conducted professionally and adheres to business protocol.


Invest in your #1 Asset – The Employee 

Etiquette training to help your employee grow professionally and become a more polished individual. The School of Etiquette and Decorum offers a variety of customized on-site training presentations ranging from Corporate Conferences, Workshops, Brown-bag lunch seminars to Small group coaching sessions.


Sample training presentations:

Your Best Professional Impression….

formal-introduction“First Impressions are lasting so make them count”. Your initial contact with others is important. People judge you within the first 7 seconds of meeting you. Do you always make a good first impression? Can you mingle with confidence? Grow professionally by giving your professional ‘soft skills’ a makeover.

Training includes: The Importance of Business Etiquette, Personal Presentation, Direct Eye Contact, Body Language, First Impressions, Rules of Introduction, Proper Handshakes, Remembering Names, Mingling Effectively, Starting a Conversation, and Good Conversation Skills.

The Art of Dining Professionally

Business-DiningMore and more business transactions and negotiations take place while dining. The majority of employees interact externally or internally with other professionals within dining arenas. Represent your company by exhibiting the highest degree of table decorum. This tutorial is guaranteed to increase your dining confidence and provide valuable tips to help you be your best in dining situations.

Train while you dine: American & Continental Styles of Dining, Stand-Up Dining for Social Events, Table Navigation, Silent Signals, Napkin Etiquette, Proper Tipping and Proper Protocol for Inadequate Service, Toasting Etiquette, Finger Bowls, The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining, and much more. 


The Newcomer - From College to the Workplace

smiling-womanThis training is designed to help smooth the transitions from the college campus to the workplace. The newcomer gains a deeper understanding of the importance of successful occupational self presentation skills, as well as the importance of exhibiting proper business behaviors as a professional.

This training highlights: The Importance of Business Protocol, Self Presentation Skills, Proper Office Decorum, Protocol at Business Meetings, Professional Dress Code, E-mail & Voicemail Protocol, and Telephone Etiquette within the Office.


Building Blocks for Successful Employment

meeting-roomBusiness Etiquette is crucial.  Studies conducted at several Universities and Research Institutes have concluded that success in the Corporate World depends 85% on "soft-skills" and 15% on technical knowledge and skills.  Job Etiquette relates to good manners in the workplace, your interactions with others, appropriate dress, respect people show toward one another and Good Work Ethics.

This workshop provides tools & knowledge to be a successful employee:  Job Etiquette - Proper Manners and Behaviors in the Workplace - Qualities of an Excellent Employee - Effective Communications and Teamwork - Leadership - Taking Pride in One's Work, plus Team Building Exercises.


For corporate training events, contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | P. 925-519-0354