Etiquette training for Debutantes & Beaux (Debutante & Beautillion Balls)

In need of Etiquette Training for your upcoming Debutante or Beaux Ball? This interactive workshop gives debutantes and beaux a competitive edge in achieving success. Participants gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how exhibiting proper etiquette behaviors and social decorum are important to one’s success. Powerful social skills promote Confidence and Leadership. Young Ladies and Gentlemen will enhance their personal brand and learn to intermingle confidently with others of all social backgrounds.

Training Curriculum: The Importance and Benefits of Exhibiting Proper Etiquette Behaviors, What People Judge you on? Fashion & Appropriate Dress, Rules of Introduction, Proper Handshakes, Interpersonal Skills, and Opening a Conversation & Knowing What to Say. Also included are the Social Graces & Ten Qualities of A Young Adult (Generosity, Appreciation & Thank you notes, Respect for Others, Giving & Receiving Compliments, Party Decorum, R.S.V.P.’s, Being Punctual, Dating Etiquette, Chivalry, and Dining Etiquette).