Etiquette for Middle School Students

The transitioning period for an elementary student to teenager is a difficult phase for many youth.  During this significant adjustment in children’s lives, it is imperative that they fully grasp the tools of etiquette that will help them build self confidence, and earn compliments, respect and recognition from others.

The School of Etiquette and Decorum will customize a fun and interactive During or After School Program for youth. Training curriculums available from one session to an entire school semester. 

Middle School Curriculum Includes:  Proper Introductions & Direct Eye Contact, Public Speaking, Respect for Others,  Table Manners & Dining Decorum, Good Sportsmanship, Classroom Manners, Cellular Phone Etiquette, Texting & Social Media Protocol, Appreciation for Others, Interacting Properly with the Opposite Gender,  Unacceptable Speech, Teenage Success, Etiquette in Public Places, Party Etiquette, and much more.  Graduation Certificates are given to each participant.