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Professional Development Invest in your #1 Asset, the Employee

In the dynamic world of business, the way your company is perceived can make a significant impact on its success. It’s crucial to project a professional image and uphold established business protocols to truly make a difference. At our core, we specialize in helping businesses achieve just that. We understand the power of a strong representation and offer guidance to ensure that your business representatives conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. From honing communication skills to mastering proper business etiquette, we’re dedicated to assisting your company in leaving a lasting, positive impression.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of our presentation that outlines key strategies and insights to elevate your company’s representation. Our expert guidance covers a range of essential topics, from effective communication and professional conduct to navigating various business scenarios with finesse. By partnering with us, your company can forge ahead confidently, secure in the knowledge that every interaction aligns with established business protocols and reinforces a reputable image. Make a difference in how your company is perceived; choose our services to ensure a polished and professional approach that sets you apart in the competitive business landscape.

Crafting an Impeccable Corporate Image

“You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression”

Leave a Mark That Matters. Your initial interaction with others carries significant weight. Within the brief span of the first 7 seconds, individuals form their initial judgments of you. Are you consistently making favorable first impressions? Do you exude confidence in social interactions? Elevate your professional growth and consistently leave a positive first impression without fail.

Training comprises: Emphasizing Business Etiquette, Enhancing Personal Presentation, Effective Use of Eye Contact, Proficiency in Body Language, Crafting Memorable First Impressions, The Art of Introductions, Perfecting Handshake Etiquette, Mastering Name Recall, Skillful Social Mingling, Initiating Engaging Conversations, and Polishing Conversation Skills.

The Art of Dining Professionally

"Developing a Powerful Dining Presence"

At The School of Etiquette and Decorum, we invite businesses to forge partnerships with us for a refined approach to corporate dining. In today’s business landscape, a significant portion of transactions and negotiations occur over meals. Your employees frequently engage with fellow professionals in dining settings, both internally and externally. Elevate your company’s image by showcasing impeccable table etiquette. Our comprehensive tutorial ensures heightened dining confidence and offers invaluable insights to empower your team in various dining scenarios.

Train while you dine: American & Continental Styles of Dining, Stand-Up Dining for Social Events, Table Navigation, Silent Signals, Napkin Etiquette, Proper Tipping and Proper Protocol for Inadequate Service, Toasting Etiquette, Finger Bowls, The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining, and much more.

Foundations for a Prosperous Career

"Building Blocks for Success for New Employees"

Our training program is meticulously crafted to facilitate the seamless transition from the college campus to the professional world. Newcomers will acquire a profound appreciation for the significance of effective self-presentation in the workplace, coupled with the essential knowledge of demonstrating impeccable professional conduct.

Course Syllabus: In this training program, we will focus on:

  1. The Significance of Business Protocol: Understanding the critical role of etiquette in the professional world.
  2. Enhancing Self-Presentation Skills: Elevating your ability to present yourself with confidence and professionalism.
  3. Office Decorum: Navigating the workplace with grace and respect for colleagues.
  4. Effective Protocol for Business Meetings: Mastering the art of conducting and participating in productive business meetings.
  5. Professional Dress Code: Unveiling the nuances of appropriate attire in the corporate environment.
  6. E-mail and Voicemail Protocol: Learning how to communicate effectively and professionally through written and verbal messages.
  7. Telephone Etiquette within the Office: Gaining proficiency in courteous and efficient phone interactions in a professional setting.

Soft Skills Supercharge: A Roadmap to Competitive Excellence in the Corporate World

"Mastering Soft Skills for a Competitive Edge"

In today’s fiercely competitive corporate landscape, ‘Building Blocks for Successful Employment’ emerges as the indispensable solution for businesses seeking a winning edge. The bedrock of success lies in business etiquette, a fact underscored by extensive research at renowned universities and research institutes. These studies have consistently found that a staggering 85% of one’s success in the corporate world hinges on ‘soft-skills,’ with only 15% attributed to technical knowledge and skills.

We understand that the success of any business is fundamentally linked to the behavior and attitudes of its employees. That’s why our training is laser-focused on instilling the principles of business etiquette that truly matter.

Our program takes a holistic approach to job etiquette, encompassing the art of workplace manners, interpersonal interactions, appropriate attire, mutual respect, and the cultivation of exemplary work ethics. By partnering with us, your organization can empower your workforce with the essential skills to not only excel in their roles but also shine as professional ambassadors, fostering a culture of success and respect that sets your business apart.

Workshop Agenda: This program equips participants with the essential resources and insights for achieving success as employees, covering the following key areas:

  1. Workplace Etiquette: Mastering the art of proper conduct and behaviors in a professional setting.
  2. Qualities of Outstanding Employees: Exploring the traits and attributes that define excellence in the workplace.
  3. Effective Communication and Teamwork: Enhancing interpersonal skills and fostering collaborative, harmonious work environments.
  4. Leadership Skills: Developing the capacity to lead, inspire, and influence others effectively.
  5. Pride in Workmanship: Cultivating a sense of dedication and ownership in one’s responsibilities.
  6. Team Building Activities: Engaging in interactive exercises to strengthen team cohesion and synergy.

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