Etiquette Tea Parties



If you are Cold, Tea will Warm You;
If you are Heated, It will Cool You
If you are Depressed, it will Cheer You
If you are Excited, it will Calm You

                               William Ewart Gladstone

Afternoon tea is a beautiful tradition that originated with the Duchess Anna Marie Russell of Bedford in England around the 1840’s.  Today we still enjoy gathering with friends and family over a flavorable cup of tea and delicacies because there is something both traditional and delightfully nostalgic about an afternoon tea party.

Discover the art of tea party etiquette with our interactive and informative tea classes and socials.

During our fun and engaging Tea Parties, our professional instructors, will guide you through the intricacies of tea parties and social decorum plus ensure you have a memorable tea party experience.

We look forward to sharing a delightful Tea Experience with you!

Put on your tea attire, hats and gloves and let us host your next Tea Party.

Contact our team today to Customized an Educational afternoon with Tea, Delicious Foods, Fun & Games!


Party & Tea Party Etiquette:

  • The History of Tea Parties
  • The Understanding of the Numerous Types of Tea Parties
  • Tea Party Etiquette
  • The Pinky Myth
  • Attire for Tea Parties
  • Tea Service & the Pouring of Tea
  • Dining Tips for Tea Parties
  • Table Navigation and Table Setting

Qualities of Decorum for a Lady

  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Fashion & Appropriate Attire for Different Occasions
  • Receiving & Giving Compliments Gracefully
  • R.S.V.P.’s
  • Appreciation through Thank You Notes
  • Common Courtesies
  • Sitting and Walking Gracefully
  • The Making of a Good Reputation
  • Being Punctual
  • Respect and Being Considerate of Others
  • Generosity

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