Cotillions & Debutante Trainings

Get ready to dazzle and shine with The Etiquette School of Decorum’s fabulous debutantes and escorts etiquette workshops! We’re not your grandma’s etiquette class – we’re all about infusing timeless manners with a modern twist, so you shine in any cultural context with confidence and charm.

The Etiquette School of Decorum takes immense pride in presenting its distinguished debutante etiquette workshops, designed to empower young individuals with the social graces and refinement necessary for successful integration into society.

We understand that modern debutantes are not confined to traditional roles, but rather serve as ambassadors of grace and charm in an ever-evolving world. Therefore, our workshops emphasize adaptability and cultural awareness, equipping debutantes and their escorts with the tools to navigate diverse social settings with poise and tact. Beyond the acquisition of skills, participants forge lasting connections with like-minded peers, forming a supportive network that extends well beyond the workshop’s duration.

Led by seasoned etiquette experts, our workshops cover a comprehensive array of topics, including formal dining etiquette, graceful posture, effective communication, dating etiquette, and the art of making a memorable first impression. Participants are immersed in a fun and upbeat learning environment that combines engaging seminars, interactive activities, and real-world simulations, fostering an atmosphere where self-assuredness and sophistication flourish.

Contact us today, we will work with your workshop coordinators and develop a customized unforgettable training program that will leave your debutants and escorts sparking with confidence.


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